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How to get in Iclod?

By Car:
If you come by car you need to take the national road 1C (DN 1C) linking Dej to Cluj-Napoca. Iclod village is 35 km from Cluj.

By train:
The Mansion can be reached by train on the route Cluj-Napoca - Dej to Iclod station. The manor is located 2 min walk from the station.

By plane:
The nearest airport is Cluj-Napoca.

What touristic attractions can be visited in Iclod?

   Ascension Orthodox Church, Wood (dating from 1791)

   Ethno-Archaeology Museum housed in Mansion

   Royal Club & Lounge - Nightclub, Event Venue, Concert Venue

What other attractions are in the area?

Bontida: Bnffy Castle

Rascruci:Bnffy Castle

Coasta: Dujardin Mansion

Jucu de Sus: Kemeny Castle

Gherla: Fortress Gherla

Borsa: Borsa Castle

Luna de Jos: Teleki Castle

Dabaca: Fortress Dbca

Dabaca: Rhedy Mansion

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